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Model:CCA Wire


Main Technical Parameters Wire range:0.08-0.20mm Length of oven:3.8m Width of oven:2.5m Max DV:30 Total lines:40lines Panit way:Felt Coating passes:8passes Take-up way:Semi automatic turn winding Wind-up bobbin:PT4-PT10-PT15 Length of annealer:6.5m Applicable:Kinds of copper, aluminum, copper clad aluminum enameled wires,with class1 or class2 paint films.


Product Details

Brief Introductions

SJW type horizontal enamelling machine is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection machine, which is researched and developed by our company.

DVMAX30, the equipment has very high catalytic combustion efficiency, whose oven has less power consumption.The power consumption per ton is far lower than that of the other brands.

The wires produced by this equipment has uniform color and brightness surface, which won the praise and affirmation of customers.


Main Specifications

Large capacity

2.5 meters width large capacity oven has the characteristics of large output and low cost, which mean high economic value in actual production.


Low power consumption

The oven has little power consumption.


Zero pollution of exhaust

High grade temperature resistant material has been used in the oven, with unique air duct design, to ensure the fully catalytic combustion at high temperature, to achieve zero pollution of exhaust to the environment.


Temperature automatic tuning

Device is equipped with independent temperature tuning system ,which is researched and developed by our company. Some main temperature points ,like after catalytic , can achieve automatic control and stability in a suitable range, the controllability and working life of devices are greatly enhanced.