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About SZ

Brief Introduction

Suzhou Wujiang Shenzhou Bimetallic Cable Co., Ltd. is located in Qidu Town, which is known as the "cable capital" in China. The corporation was founded in 2005,and after 12 years development, we have extended to the industries of production to these fields:
Enameling machine,
Copper cladding aluminum,
Copper clad aluminum(CCA) rod and wire(0.10-5.00mm),
(CCA)electrical wire and cable,
Enameled copper clad aluminum wire(ECCA),
Enameled aluminum wire(EAL),
Enameled copper wire. 

And at present, the company has become the largest enameled CCA wire manufacturer in China.
The main products of enameled wire include following items:

1- Polyurethane (QA/UEW),(155/180 degree)
2-Polyester (QZ/PEW),(130/155degree)
3-Polyester imide (QZY/EIW), (180 degree)
4-Polyamide imide compound polyester imide (QZY/XY/EI/AIW),(200/220 degree)
5-And self-bonding enameled copper clad aluminum wire

The specifications of ECCA wire are wide and complete,sizes from 0.100 mm to 5.00mm are all supplied in stock.
Products are widely used in various types of electronic,such as:

Electric motor (air conditioner, refrigerator, washing machine, electric tools),
Large and Small transformers,
Electromagnetic inductance coils,
Automobile motor,
Battery charger,
Relays and other kinds of coils.
Strict quality control and long-term stability of the product supply, support the long-term stable development of SZ CABLE.

Company Advantages

From 2006, SHENZHOU has been dedicated to the development, production of enameled copper clad aluminum(CCA) wire. Now has developed up to more than 300 sets of copper cladding aluminum equipments, wire drawing equipments, enameling equipments, in which the enameled lines are more than 40 sets.Meanwhile the factory has a full set of enameled wire testing equipment more than 30 sets, including the high precision of dielectric loss instrument.

From 2008, all the company started to run under the ERP resource management system. Any process control of company running are strictly recorded. Production management system for the inspection of product specification, provides guarantee for the production of quality products.

From 2009 SHENZHOU has applied for UL certificate for the enameled wire, and in 2014, we have got UL certificate specially for enameled CCA wire.At present, enameled CCA wire and enameled aluminum wire production capacity reaches more than 1500 tons / month, bare copper clad aluminum production capacity reaches more than 1200 tons / month.

SHENZHOU is the largest and most professional manufacturer of enameled copper clad aluminum wire in China. Our products are exported to Taiwan, Hongkong, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States with its stable product quality control, and strong production and sales capacity.