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Model:Enameled CCA Wire


CCA Copper content by volume: 10A,15A,20A,10H,15H,20H

CCA Copper content by weight: 25%,30%,40%,50%

CCA conductor SIZE DIAMETER: 0.10MM-5.00MM

Enamel coating: UEW, PE, EI, EI/AI,AI

Enamel thickness: G1,G2,G3

Heat class: B,F,H(130,155,180,200,220,240)DEGREE

UL file no.: E333213


Product Details

Product Description

Enameled copper clad aluminum wire use copper clad aluminum wire as conductor , and covered with insulating material(such as UE, PE,EI,AI) in high temperature oven. Enameled CCA wire has the characteristic of high break down voltage and high strength.

Advantage of Enameled copper clad aluminum wire

1: DC resistivity of copper clad aluminum wire is about 1.45 times of pure copper wire; For the same resistance, the weight of CCA is only half of pure copper wire.

2: Good solderability. Due to its surface concentric is coated with a layer of copper, for soldering, no need special treatment like aluminum wire; And SHENZHOU cca wire has enough thickness of copper layer, which ensure the soldering performance after scraping the enamel layer.

3 Low weight: the density of copper clad aluminum is about 1/2.5 of pure copper., which can reduce a lot of the weight of loop; Use SHENZHOU CCA wire, can save at least 30% cost than copper wire.

Supply Specifications

SIZE: 0.10-5.00mmDiameter

Copper Content by Volume: 10A,15A,20A, 10H,15H,20H

Copper Content by Volume: 25%,30%,40%,50%

CCA Material status: Annealed

Thermal Class: 130/155/180/200/220 centigrade

Enamel thickness: GRADE1,2,3



Plastic Spool: PT-4,PT-10,PT-15,PT- 25,PT- 35,PT-45,PT-60,PT-90,PT-200,PT-250,PT-270


Product Application

Motor category

Such as all kinds of household electrical appliances (such as kitchen electrical appliances, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, motor and other high-speed motor)

Fan motor

Variety of micro motor

Variety of pump motor

Variety of automotive electrical appliances, etc.


Transformer category

Such as various types of high-frequency transformer

All kinds of ordinary power frequency transformer

Various types of chargers, etc.


Electromagnetic induction coil category

Such as rectifier

All kinds of loop inductance coil, choke

Various types of electromagnetic induction disk, etc.